Rei Rei 1

2 months ago
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Tanaka's in love with his friend Ikuko, but she's head over heels for sexy MILF Dr. Shibata. When this love triangle comes to the attention of magical Lady Kaguya, she decides to try to set things right. Kaguya invisibly watches Dr. Shibata sucking cute teen Ikuko's tits and eating her pussy, but she realizes something's wrong as the doctor intentionally triggers Ikuko's allergy, sending her to the hospital! Dr. Shibata's trying to get Ikuko out of the way so she can be with her lover, Dr. Akihiro. Kaguya tries to show Ikuko the truth, bringing her visions of Shibata riding Akihiro's cock while she's lying in her hospital bed, but Ikuko's spirit becomes trapped in the Garden of Sorrows. Tanaka vows to do whatever he can to avenge his lesbian love, and Kaguya has an idea: turning him into a woman so he can turn the tables on Dr. Shibata by seducing Akihiro! - ''Rei Rei 1'' #hentaipros

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