HentaiPros - Beat Angel Escalayer Part Three

2 years ago
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After the evil Dielast's Escalayer stole Sayuka's power source, the Doki-Doki Dynamo, there is only one way to defeat them, but it's dangerous: an unstable prototype version of the Doki-Doki Dynamo. As the evil FM77 Escalayer charges up her stolen Doki-Doki Dynamo by fucking commander Misllene's pussy and mouth with her magical futanari cock, Sayuka asks Kyohei to help her... and he runs away! Loyal robot maid Madoka tries her best to arouse Sayuka by putting on a show masturbating for her, but it's just not the same. Will Kyohei return and give Sayuka the arousal she needs to defeat the Dielast, or is the world doomed forever? - ''Beat Angel Escalayer 3'' #hentaipros

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