Hot Older Stepsister Alisa Seduced Brother

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After meeting horny, big-breasted alien Yuria, typical college student Shinji Tachibana's life was turned upside-down! Despite all the hot sex he and Yuria were having, he succumbed when her hot older stepsister, Alisa, seduced him. After Alisa wakes Shinji up with a blowjob and makes him eat her pussy, he realizes that the busty alien he really loves is Yuria, and rushes to prove it by giving her all the cock and toys she desires. But while they play, Alisa is abducted by an alien criminal and finds herself at the center of a gangbang! Yuria and Shinji rush to free her, but the nymphomaniac Alisa is about to surprise all of them... - ''Invasion of the Boobie Snatchers 2'' #hentaipros

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