My Classmate's Mother

2 years ago
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As schoolgirl Sae plays with her pussy, dreaming it's her crush Jun fingering her, little does she know he's on his way to her house. But Jun isn't about to fulfill Sae's fantasies; he has to confess that he's been hooking up with her stepmom, teacher Ms. Keiko, and now the MILF isn't coming back! Sae listens as Jun details their affair, from playing with Keiko's big boobs in the school equipment room to sliding his cock between her milk-filled tits in the bathroom. After her student fucked her pussy for the first time, Keiko knew that there was no going back, so she left both teens, forever. Jun says he'll do anything to make it up to Sae... and she orders him to start by licking her feet! - ''My Classmate's Mother 1'' #hentaipros

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