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2 months ago
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Although sex goddess Fauna already purified Kosuke's body once by fucking the demonic cum out of him, he still poses a danger to the world as long as there's a single trace of demon seed inside him. Fauna and her stepsister Jordh try another tactic: encasing his cock and balls in a chastity device to stop his erotic dreams! But an agent of hell is close by, and she's fighting against the goddesses to give Kosuke more and dirtier dreams. She makes Kosuke dream of turning her on in a super tight bathing suit and then fucking her ass by the pool, then erects a magical barrier to stop him from cumming! No matter how hard Fauna tries to purify Kosuke by sucking his cock and fucking him, it doesn't work. Jordh fights to find a solution before it's too late... but the demon servant has more tricks up her sleeve! - ''Oh My Sex Goddess 2'' #hentaipros

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