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2 months ago
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Mayu Mizuno is finally ready to put aside her past heartbreak and start her new life as a nurse, but on her first day at the hospital she learns that her ex, Nimura, is working there as a doctor! Mayu does her best to ignore him, making friends with her pretty sempai Nurse Satsuki. The sweet trainee surprises even herself with her nympho tendencies when a patient gives her the fucking that limp-dicked Nimura couldn't, but it only makes her think about him more. Meanwhile, Nimura gets his first boner ever watching the Head Nurse masturbate in the nurses' station, then cums for the first time as he watches his boss, Dr. Hattori, 69 with Satsuki and fuck her in his office! But after finally getting hard, Nimura is more confused than ever about whether he wants to put his cock to use. Will Mayu be able to give him the sexual healing he needs? - '' Naughty Nurses 1'' #hentaipros

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