My Classmate's Mother 2

2 months ago
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After Jun's sexual advances cause hot teacher Ms. Keiko to run away, leaving her stepdaughter Sae all alone, Jun can't help but feel like he has to give Sae what she wants... and what she wants is him! Even after a month of the cute schoolgirl sucking his cock and riding him every night, Jun is still yearning for Ms. Keiko to return. When he gets a call from her one night, he races to find her, and the teacher takes him to a hotel where she lets him play with her big tits until she's wild with lust and squirts milk all over him! Jun is overjoyed as Ms. Keiko finally treats him like a lover instead of a student, letting him fuck her pussy mish and doggystyle before riding him till she cums and covers his body with her breast milk! But Jun will soon learn that their night together is not what it seems... - ''My Classmate's Mother 2'' #hentaipros

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