Maiden of Deception 4

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To work off her family's debt, Leese is brought to the house of rich man Mr. Dred to be trained as a maid. The other maids try to teach Leese to do housework, but she's too clumsy, so Dred's assistant, Mr. Foster, has a new job for Leese. He brings her to the study, where she's shocked to see pretty blonde maid Aisha on her knees in front of Mr. Dred's guest, sucking his cock! The man calls Leese over to take her turn giving him a blowjob. He cums on her face, then spanks her ass and fucks her doggystyle on the floor. Mr. Foster has a lot more training in store for Leese, taking her down to the dungeon where he introduces her to bondage and fucks her pussy and ass with dildos. But some of the other maids begin to get jealous of all the attention Foster is giving her... - ''Maiden of Deception 4'' #hentaipros

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