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2 months ago
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Tsutomu Katsuragi does his best to console his sister-in-law, Mai, when she gets lonely, but when he impulsively kisses her, he never imagines that it will lead to Mai sucking his cock and swallowing his cum, then letting him play with her big tits and fuck her pussy! The next morning, Mai tells Tsutomu that their indiscretion can't happen again, but even Mai's ditzy, busty sempai Kozue Takama, helping out part-time in the flower shop, can notice the tension! Mai and Tsutomu finally give in to their lust, and even start playing naughty games at work, like keeping a remote-control vibe in Mai's pussy. Will the shocked Kozue tell Mai's husband... or join in? - ''Lover in Law 1'' #hentaipros

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