HentaiPros - Invasion of the Boobie Snatchers

3 months ago
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Shinji thinks he's dreaming when a gorgeous, big-breasted, naked woman appears next to him in his bed, especially when she tells him she's from outer space! Yuria has come to Earth looking for her stepsister, Alisa, who's been enjoying all the erotic potential that Earth men have to offer. When Shinji's cock gets hard, the curious alien immediately puts it in her mouth, and soon, Shinji is showing her all the sensations her new human form can enjoy as he licks her nipples and pleasures her pussy before she guides his cock inside her. Yuria gets so distracted by life on Earth and sex with Shinji that she nearly forgets her mission to look for Alisa, even thinking about staying with him forever. But when Shinji succumbs to Alisa's wiles, broken-hearted Yuria gets revenge by fucking a stranger! - ''Invasion of the Boobie Snatchers 1'' #hentaipros

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