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2 weeks ago
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Since sempai Kozue happened to see her friend, Mai, fooling around with Tsutomu in the flower shop, she's been a bit cold to both of them. Mai was worried that Kozue disapproved of her cheating on her husband with his brother... but actually, she's jealous! Mai sends Tsutomu out to show the lonely, busty wife a good time, and they splash around at a pool where every guy's eye is glued to Kozue's jiggly tits spilling out of her tiny bikini. After a romantic dinner it's back to a love hotel, where Tsutomu gets to feel her big boobs wrapped around his cock in a heavenly paizuri. As Kozue finally gets fucked doggystyle, she realizes she doesn't want to give Tsutomu back to Mai! Will Tsutomu have to choose between the sexy MILFs, or will Mai and Kozue find a way to share him and his big cock? #hentaipros

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