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With the goal of finishing the best porn manga in the 21st century in only a month, artist Jun is hard at work... literally. Jun needs to work flat-out in Hyper Erection Mode, and his new wife, Miyuki, is doing all she can to help keep his pecker up. Miyuki puts on her old school uniform, which inspires Jun to draw a sexy schoolgirl getting fucked by her sempai, who slides a recorder, a clarinet, and even a trumpet into her pussy. Unfortunately, his editor, Sonoko, says the finished story is too dirty to print! He needs a new idea, and Miyuki and her best friend, Kozue, plus a couple of maid costumes and a sci-fi movie, give him the idea for a sexy futuristic threesome, as Miyuki sucks his dick under his desk and Kozue watches and plays with her pussy. Can Jun finish in time? - ''Darling 2'' #hentaipros

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