Fantasy About Darling Miyuki

1 year ago
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Although their romance may have blossomed over the pages of the perverted porn manga he draws, Jun Kitano and his assistant-turned-fiancee Miyuki have stayed chaste until their wedding night. The sight of Miyuki in her wedding dress inspires both Jun's creativity and his lust, and he can't wait to take his busty wife's virginity. When the newlywed gets an offer to draw a huge manga project in only 30 days, Jun will have to activate his super Hyper Erection Mode to get the work done. Lucky for him, Miyuki's standing by to service his boner with blowjobs and ride it, as she inspires him to draw naughty scenarios like a secret agent's erotic interrogation and a hot nurse orgy! - ''Darling 1'' #hentaipros

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