EL 2

2 months ago
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Elite Sniper El has lost all confidence after so many of the people she trusts, including her friend Chris, turn out to be Black Widows, agents of the resistance leader Gimmick. But as Chris is interrogated in the Sniper Control Office by operatives who try to fuck the truth out of her, sucking her pierced tits and penetrating all of her holes with their cocks, El is reassured by Parsley, the pop star she protects. Parsley wants to prove that she loves El, kissing the sexy redhead agent all over, squeezing her big tits, and finally cumming together in a hot 69. But El is about to find out that Gimmick is much closer than she thinks... and the truth of the world she lives in is even more shocking! - ''EL 2'' #hentaipros

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