Can-Can Bunny 3

2 months ago
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Just when Kenta's met his next dream girl, beautiful blonde nurse Haruna, she disappears! He and goddess Shuree, Suwatee's step-sister, track down the ghost responsible for taking her, and with Shuree's help, they travel to the past to lay her to rest and rescue Haruna. But as Shuree watches Kenta gently finger the blonde virgin's pussy and slide his cock inside her, she starts to realize that her step-sister isn't the only one who has feelings for the human playboy. Shuree hatches a plan to let Suwatee be with Kenta by marrying the Emperor of Heaven in her place... but first she appears one last time in Kenta's room and asks him to make love to her! - ''Can-Can Bunny 3'' #hentaipros

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