HentaiPros - Can-Can Bunny 2

2 months ago
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Since meeting the goddess Suwatee, Kenta's gone from striking out with women to meeting and fucking the most gorgeous babes around... but he doesn't realize that Suwatee is in love with him, and the spell she cast to make him happy could end up having dire consequences! Kenta's too busy falling for schoolgirl Chisato, but as he tries to help her finish her comic, he somehow ends up hooking up with both her pretty English teacher and his own gorgeous boss! While Kenta makes Chisato's nerdy dreams come true, then eats her pussy and takes her virginity, Suwatee must decide whether to return to her home without ever telling Kenta how she feels... or use her magic to fuck him, knowing it means she'll forget him forever! - ''Can-Can Bunny 2'' #hentaipros

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