HentaiPros - Can-Can Bunny 1

2 months ago
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Kenta just can't seem to get lucky, and even his best friend Saiki is spending all his time fucking Wakaba instead of hanging out with him. When Kenta prays for his celibacy to end, he can't believe his eyes when a real-life goddess appears in his apartment and agrees to grant his wish. The Goddess Suwatee will help Kenta meet seven beautiful women, but if he doesn't have sex with them, they'll forget he existed. He finds the first two almost right away, when he sees bad girl Misao cornering pretty Kaori in the park, and the three somehow end up at a disco where the babes have a dance-off! Kaori asks Kenta to stay the night and give her his cock, and the next day he brings raven-haired Misao to the museum, where she asks him to eat her pussy and take her virginity! Kenta's wish seems to be unfolding perfectly, but what he doesn't know is that Suwatee plans to take human form as one of the seven! - ''Can-Can Bunny 1'' #hentaipros

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