Juicy Silver - Episode 4 with Blake Blossom and Emma Magnolia

3 months ago
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The Master (Mick Blue) confronts the last slayer, Juicy Silver (Blake Blossom), taunting her with her ex, Trevor (Alex Jones) who he's kept as a souvenir since the last time they faced off. But his attempt to throw Juicy off her game backfires, as she's more resolved than ever to take the fight to him! Meanwhile, in the party house, Juicy's friends Peter (Van Wylde) and Valerie (Emma Magnolia) try to keep the others calm. Everyone decides they'd rather go out with a bang and starts hooking up on the couch, so Valerie and Peter slip off to the bedroom to finally give in to their attraction with a long, passionate fuck. Juicy penetrates the vamps' lair... and runs into Trevor, the one vampire she can't bring herself to stake. Juicy has to have her lover deep in her pussy just one more time before she goes up against the Master. #digitalplayground

Pornstars: Van Wylde Alex Jones
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