Juicy Silver - Episode 3 with Ryan Reid, Nicole Kitt , Nicole Doshi and Jennie Rose

1 month ago
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Humanity's only hope, vampire slayer Juicy Silver, gathers resources for taking down the vampires, but the creatures of the night are looking for ways to strengthen their numbers, too. A big group of friends arrive at their luxurious rental house, unaware of the danger that lurks under the mansion. Lana (Medusa) is the only one not in the mood to party, heading off on her own despite her boyfriend Rick (Damon Dice) asking her to join the others. When Rick starts kissing Kimmy (Ryan Reid) in the pool, and Wyatt (James Angel) makes out with Crystal (Nicole Doshi), soon Kayla (Nicole Kitt), Vinnie (Alex Legend), and Yumi (Jennie Rose) are getting in on the action. While her friends have a huge orgy in the water, Lana is drawn deep under the house by Lorelei (Texas Patti), who bewitches her to bring about the vampires' plans... #digitalplayground

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