Episode 3 with Luna Star, Kira Noir and Kayley Gunner

3 months ago
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Alone behind enemy lines, Nikki Ransom (Kira Noir) finally has her evil ex, Riggs, in her sights. But when it comes to a firefight, Nikki has to make a retreat, hijacking the truck full of weapons and the driver, another old army buddy. Caine (Tommy Pistol) agrees to drive her to the border in exchange for some road head... but when sexy assassin Daytona (Luna Star) lies in wait for them, Nikki is taken prisoner. Meanwhile, Nikki's team ignore orders to return to base and instead go looking for her. Rena (Kayley Gunner) and Jimmy (Damon Dice) set a trap for Daytona, and neutralize the naughty assassin with a hot threesome. #digitalplayground

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