Fakehub Original - Karlie Simon Fucks With Two Guys In Bar

2 years ago
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John and Luke, bartenders at the Cockwell Inn, have a large problem: they owe Antonio Black five grand, but can't pay up. When Antonio comes to collect, Luke learns the hard way why they shouldn't mess with him. As Antonio enjoys a soda (he's driving), Brad (Marc Kaye) and Janet (Karlie Simon), neighbourhood kinksters, come into the bar and ask John about the well-dressed man. Janet, a big slut, has been craving BBC, and she and Brad approach Antonio for some cuckold action. Though Antonio is apprehensive, one look at Janet's big boobs and a blowjob offer convince him to fuck Brad's wife. John locks the bar so he isn't shut down while Antonio has his way with Janet as Brad films! Eventually, Brad gets his hard dick out too, and Janet gets the best of both worlds as they both fuck her senseless. - "Fake Pub: Hidden Depths" #fakehuboriginal #fakehub

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  • 69Apollo

    2 years ago

    Hmmm wish it was my dick penetrating you......

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