Aubrey Black Gives Marilyn Sugar Some Blowjob Tips By Demonstrating On Her Guy

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University Inspector Aubrey Black leaves her dorm room to find herself in a cloud of smoke, and she hears moans of pleasure. Investigating, Aubrey finds an open door, and peering in, sees Michael Fly pumping a creampie into Marilyn Sugar's slit! Aubrey comes into the room and explains it is her job to make sure all university rules are followed. She quizzes them on sex education, then finds out they are step-siblings! No blood relation though. It's clear to Aubrey that what the step-siblings need is more education, so she gives Marilyn some blowjob tips by demonstrating on Michael. Aubrey then sits on Michael's dick and squirts while Marilyn licks her boobs, then she eats Marilyn's ass while the blonde bounces on the cock. As Michael fucks Marilyn, he pulls out and Aubrey strokes the jizz into her mouth, then spits it back into Marilyn's waiting cunt! - "Fake Family: University Halls Inspection" #fakehuboriginal #fakehub

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