Guy Hands Charlie Red And Anastasia Brokelyn Towels, Then Tells Them To Strip

2 years ago
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Ricky Rascal finds his step-sister, Anastasia Brokelyn, and her girlfriend, Charlie Red, taking some sexy pictures of each other. Ricky asks if the ladies will let him practice the techniques he is studying in massage class, but they call him a pervert, and send him packing. Later, the ladies come to Ricky asking for transportation, but he refuses. A deal is reached: Ricky will practice his massage, then will take Anastasia and Charlie into town. Ricky hands the women towels, then tells them to strip. He begins the massage by oiling and rubbing the back of Charlie's thighs and her bum, and Charlie gets turned on, so she kisses Anastasia. Ricky continues by massaging Anastasia, and as she moans, he slips a finger between her thighs into her cunt. The babes give Ricky a double blowjob, then take turns riding his dick until Anastasia has squirted everywhere, and they're swapping his hot load! - "Fake Family: Massage Practice" #fakehuboriginal #fakehub

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