Yiming Curiosity You Made a Mess so Suck My Dick

4 months ago
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This lovely Chinese woman got into the taxi today named Yiming Curiosity. Yiming was visiting London from China, and asked me to take her to Buckingham Palace to do some sight seeing. I caught her eating in the backseat, and did not want a mess, so I asked her to put her food away. I kept catching her eating, and finally, she spilled chips all over the car! I was angry, so I pulled over to give her a piece of my mind. Trying to run away from me, she threw out her back, and asked me to call an ambulance. I had an idea of my own to help her, and starting to finger and lick her ass and pussy. All of a sudden, her back was better, and she was riding my cock. Yiming deepthroated my dick and gave me a sloppy blowjob, then put her tits in my face and she rode me cowgirl style. Finally, I fucked her doggystyle until she came, then pulled out and jizzed on her ass. - ''You Made a Mess so Suck My Dick'' #faketaxi #fakehub

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