The Van Ends A Dry Spell with Brooke Ivory

4 months ago
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So we find ourselves pulling up on Brooke fresh off of work. Lucky she didn't find us as creepy as her neighbors did. After confusing her for a stripper, we find out she is in a financial bind. Good thing we are such good guys and offer to help her out. We give her a few dollars to see her titties, and a few more if Derek could keep her panties. She is such a great sport, even when Derek surprises her by poping out butt naked. She admits she has been in a dry spell and that if Derek wants her to suck it she will. She does more than that as they fuck all over the van. It ends with cum on her face. We drop her off relatively close by where we picked her up. Her final prize for being a good sport. #bangbros

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