Anal Barter with Angie Lynx

4 months ago
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Angie Lynx was hanging out at the pool with her husband when the pool boy Emilio Ardana caught their attention. Angie thought he was hot and her husband thought he might save some money on pool cleaning. It was obvious that the Emilio thought that Angie was super hot so the couple called him over and offered to barter with him. 1 year of free pool cleaning and in exchange he could fuck Angie. That sounded good but Emilio was in negotiating mode. He offered 6 months of free cleaning. Angie’s husband had a better idea. One year of free pool cleaning and he could do anal. That sounded like a fair deal. So he squeezed his giant cock in Angie’s tiny ass and fucked her outside at the pool. He buggered her ass as deep as he could and in between made her suck it. When he was done ass fucking her he came in her mouth. #bangbros

Pornstars: Emilio Ardana
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