Sexy black lesbian wants firm ass with Anna Rose, Zaawaadi

1 month ago
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Anna Rose is doing deadlifts in the Fitness Rooms when Zaawaadi comes in and stares in awe at the brunette's big booty. Zaawaadi picks up some light weights, but has no idea what she is doing, and Anna offers to give her some tips. Zaawaadi needs extra inspiration, so Anna takes out her big, fake tits to get the blood pumping. This is exactly what Zaawaadi wants, and she kisses Anna. Pushing Anna back, Zaawaadi takes over, and lick's Anna's shaved pussy. Anna returns the favor and licks Zaawaadi's hairy pussy, and then she takes back over, bending Anna over a kangaroo ball and eating her pussy and ass from behind. After some face sitting, both lesbians cum hard! #sexyhub

Pornstars: Anna Rose
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