True love is multiple orgasms with Lucia Fernandez

1 year ago
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Sexy Spanish minx Lucia Fernandez waits on a candlelit stairway for her boyfriend to arrive home. After a long day at the office, dark-haired stud Emmanuel Torquemada is relieved to see Lucia, who shows off her hot, inked-up body in racy lingerie. The amorous couple passionately kiss as Lucia strips off, then the curvaceous beauty kneels down and sucks on Emmanuel’s hardening cock. Following an erotic blowjob, Lucia and her handsome French lover enjoy a romantic bubble bath together, where the gorgeous brunette pleasures Emmanuel in the sudsy water with a footjob while touching herself. In the bedroom, Lucia spreads her slender legs to receive a passionate tongue fucking, then Emmanuel worships his girlfriend's big boobs before sliding his dick inside her wet pussy missionary-style. Next, Lucia straddles Emmanuel and rides him in cowgirl as he spanks her nice round ass, then she gets on all fours to take a doggystyle pounding. Lucia cries out in euphoria as she reaches climax, then the pair spoon on the sofa until Emmanuel creampies the busty nymph’s satisfied hole! - ''True love is multiple orgasms'' #sexyhub

Pornstars: Lucia Fernandez
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