No Need To Fap With A Butt Flap: Part 2

3 months ago
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When Kyle Mason returns from folding Alina Ali's laundry, he finds his girlfriend, Aria Kai, making out with and fingering Alina through her enticing onesie butt flap, while they play video games. Kyle is heartbroken until Alina invites him to take her open butt flap for a spin with his hard cock. Free-use sex ensues between Kyle and Alina, until Aria realizes she's been left out and demands Kyle fuck her hard as well. Eventually, gaming gets set aside for a full-on, intense threesome, which leaves everyone satisfied. But after all that, who's going to deal with the pile of laundry? - ''No Need To Fap With A Butt Flap: Part 2'' #rkprime #realitykings

Pornstars: Aria Kai Kyle Mason
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