Trend Setter Panty Wetter with Aften Opal, Kira Perez

1 year ago
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Aften Opal is trying to record a sexy video of herself dancing for her feed, but her roommates Kira Perez and David Lee keep sneaking into the shot and messing it up, mooning the camera and shaking their asses. She chases them out, but when Kira lifts up Aften's skirt so David can cum on her undies, the annoyed influencer chases Kira down, stuffing the wet panties in her mouth before licking Kira's pussy and scissoring her! When David catches them getting down, he joins in, stacking their pussies and fucking first Aften, then Kira. The girls take turns sitting on his cock and his face, before David licks Kira's ass while Aften rims him. The girls finish things off by scissoring around David's cock! - ''Trend Setter, Panty Wetter'' #rkprime #realitykings

Pornstars: Aften Opal
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