My Roommate Wants To Take My Virginity?! with Lulu Chu

1 month ago
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Alex Legend is trying to sleep but his roommate Lulu Chu is moaning so loudly in her room that he can't get any shut eye. He gets up to see what's going on and quickly realizes Lulu is masturbating. Alex can't help but watch and jerk off as he spies on her. Lulu finishes herself off and heads to the kitchen for a snack. Alex follows her in and playfully teases Lulu for being so loud. Lulu isn't having it and mocks Alex for being a virgin. Hurt, Alex retreats to his room, slamming his door behind him. Lulu can't help but feel a little guilty and since she's still horny she heads to Alex's room to offer an apology along with a proposition to take his V-card. Will Alex accept? - ''My Roommate Wants To Take My Virginity?!'' #rkprime #realitykings

Pornstars: Alex Legend Lulu Chu
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