Lesbea - Katy Rose and Teana in Hide and seek facesitting and trib

1 year ago
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Katy Rose and Teana decide to play a fun game of hide and seek in their home. While Teana counts, Katy runs to hide, and jumps under the blankets in their bed. Teana finds her easy enough, but that's okay: Katy wanted to be found. Running their fingers through each other's hair, the brunettes kiss passionately. Teana sucks Katy's tender nipples and caresses her subtle boobs, then Katy pleasures her lover in turn. The ladies take turn fingering one another, then Katy sits on Teana's face so she can eat her tight, pink pussy. Both ladies start tribbing, and the scissoring makes them both cum! - ''Hide and seek facesitting and trib'' #lesbea #sexyhub

Pornstars: Katy Rose
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