Lesbea - Cute Asian licks blonde 18 year old Rika Fane and Killa Raketa

1 year ago
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Cute lesbians Killa Raketa and Rika Fane kiss each other in the bedroom. Rika kisses Killa's neck and teases her boobs, then Killa slides a hand down the front of her girlfriend's panties and licks her tongue. Rika worships Killa's perky tits, then turns around so her lover can worship her booty in doggystyle. Killa eats Rika out from behind, then worships her ass even more. Rika takes down her own panties and Killa kisses and licks her tight, wet pussy, then rides her girlfriend's face to orgasm! - ''Cute Asian licks blonde 18 year old'' #lesbea #sexyhub

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