FakeTaxi - Joined To Tiny Tina In The Backseat

2 years ago
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Tiny Tina got into the taxi and asked me to take her to the city center. She was on the phone with her girlfriend, Theresa, and planning a romantic evening. I had never given a ride to a lesbian before, so I was very curious. I asked if she had ever tried a penis, and Tina informed me she had not. I offered to let her touch me, and she leaned forward to feel my cock. The prospect of a new experience turned Tina on, so we on my nearby property, and I joined her in the backseat. I showed her how to give a blowjob, then I sucked her tits. I ate Tina's tiny pussy, then fucked her missionary. She was so tight I came on her multiple times! - ''Lesbian tries cock for first time'' #faketaxi #fakehub

Pornstars: Tiny Tina George Uhl
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