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2 years ago
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Romy Indy used the app to book what I call the BBC - the Big, Black Cab! I told the Ebony hottie that they called me Big D, and she knew I was talking about my dick. We got to chatting, and when Romy adjusted her bag, I noticed she had a riding crop in it! Romy told me she was a professional dominatrix, and she would fuck blokes with a strap-on. I told her luv, the only one doing the fucking around here is me! All the talk about fucking made me horny didn't it? I had a cheeky wank, and I guess Romy noticed, because she flashed me her tits, then leaned forward to see what all the fuss was about. She asked me if I liked being rimmed, then offered to rim my arse if I gave her the ride for free. No problem, luv! I got in the backseat and she swallowed my cock, then stuck her tongue up my arse. I fucked Romy's tight shaved pussy all over the BBC, then came on her pretty little face! - ''The Dominatrix and the Big D'' #faketaxi #fakehub

Pornstars: Romy Indy
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