RealityKings - Cumshocking My GF with Sommer Isabella

1 year ago
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Sommer Isabella's boyfriend, David Lee, is a real prankster. And he thinks he's got her good when he plants his cum all over the toilet seat for her to sit on. Jokes on him when Sommer bounces her cummed on ass all up in his face. She's not taking and of his bull, and to punish him, she makes him sponge her off in the shower. Lucky for David, Sommer doesn't stay mad long and quickly gets his dick wet before moving him to the bedroom so she can suck and fuck his cock properly. David's got a dirty mind, and even after Sommer takes hid big load all over her pretty face, he's got one more prank up his sleeve. - ''Cumshocking My GF'' #rkprime #realitykings

Pornstars: Sommer Isabella
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