Blonde teen shares sapphic orgasms with Alexis Crystal, Marilyn Sugar

8 months ago
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Sapphic lesbians Alexis Crystal and blonde teen Marilyn Sugar are in bed together for some naughty fun. Alexis feels on Marilyn's booty while the lesbians make out, then pulls out her perky tits and sucks her puffy nipples. Alexis lies Marilyn down and slides a hand down into her sparkly panties, then rubs and fingers the blonde teen's wet pussy. Pulling Marilyn's panties to the side, Alexis licks and kisses the blonde's pink pussy. Sitting back up, Alexis lets Marilyn take control and caress her own pert tits, then the lesbians 69 to mutual orgasm! ''Blonde teen shares sapphic orgasms'' #lesbea #sexyhub

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