Lesbea - Blonde teen licks model girlfriend with Jenny Wild Zaawaadi

1 year ago
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Blonde teen Jenny Wild is sitting at home in lingerie checking out pictures from her lesbian model girlfriend Zaawaadi's latest photoshoot. Calling her lover up to gush, Jenny is pleased to find out Zaawaadi is on her way over. Showing up in fuck-me boots and wild red lingerie, Zaawaadi joins Jenny on the couch and the babes begin to smooch. Zaawaadi strips off her panties and Jenny teases her hairy pussy, then slips a finger in to make her cum. Jenny licks her lover, then sits on her face, and Zaawaadi eats the blonde's pussy out too. Trading face sitting and fingering, the lesbians make passionate love to multiple orgasms! - ''Blonde teen licks model girlfriend'' #lesbea #sexyhub

Pornstars: Jenny Wild
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