Asian May Thai Chooses A Big Cock

3 years ago
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English-speaking Danny D has brought exchange student – the gorgeous May Thai, home to work on an assigned college project. Danny D bemoans how he’s been forced to full this presentation with May Thai – someone who doesn’t seem to speak a freaking WORD of English! He’s going to have to do all the work himself. As they begin the project, Danny D steals some glances as unashamed May Thai removes outer layers of wear to get more comfortable. Wherever she’s from, it’s obvious that they don’t hold the same taboos… As he continues to write and research Danny D swears to himself. He notices that May Thai seems to react to his curse words. Apparently she does have some knowledge of English, but it’s purely based on her porn preferences! - "Exchange Student Lessons" #rkprime #realitykings

Pornstars: Danny D Mai Thai
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