Brazzers - Wedding Smashers Part 2 with Jenna Foxx Lulu Chu

5 months ago
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Lulu Chu, Jenna Foxx's ex-girlfriend, has taken a gig as her wedding photographer to get one last opportunity to scissor and lick her pussy. She just has to lay low and wait for Jenna's new stepmom to leave if she wants to play nice. Lulu finds a double ended dildo while hiding behind a changing screen and decides fuck playing nice! She crafts a gloryhole to give Jenna a naughty surprise. Jenna conceals her pleasure for as long as possible before throwing down with Lulu for some hardcore lesbian pre-wedding action. - ''Wedding Smashers Part 2'' #hotandmean #brazzers

Pornstars: Jenna Foxx Lulu Chu
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