Brazzers - Two Pussies Are Better Than One: Part 1 with Sofia Rose and Halle Hayes

3 weeks ago
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Sofia Rose is sitting on her couch enjoying some solo play with a pocket pussy when her roommate, Small Hands, attempts to sneak Halle Hayes in and up to his room for some fucking around. But Sofia isn't that easy to sneak sex by. Sofia notices Halle's sexy ass and hides her pocket pussy inside her own pussy and peruses them up the stairs. Once outside Small Hand's room, Sofia spies on Halle and tries to get her to leave Small Hands for her, Halle thinks she's lost her mind! But Sofia has an idea; She pulls the pocket pussy from inside her own pussy and throws it at Halle who uses it to replace her pussy with and wiggle away. The two successfully sneak into Sofia's room and have a scissoring good girl on girl time until they're exhausted. That's when Small Hands shows up looking to get off... - ''Two Pussies Are Better Than One: Part 1'' #hotandmean #brazzers

Pornstars: Halle Hayes Sofia Rose
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