Liv Wild And Abigail Mac In Take Me Back

8 months ago
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They say there's no sex like make-up sex - the drama, the tension, the need to perform extra well... Abigail Mac is fast asleep in panties and a little tank top when her cheating ex Liv Wild enters the bedroom and wakes her up. Liv looks incredible. She just got back from the club and is rocking a sexy blue dress that shows off her amazing curves. She begs a pissed off Abigail to spank her - she just wants to feel her ex's hands on her body, even if it hurts a little! Abigail complies, and soon enough Liv is in on her bed and they're making out so passionately that it screams, "I want you back." - ''Take Me Back'' #whengirlsplay #twistys

Pornstars: Liv Wild Abigail Mac
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