Romantic sex after sensual massage — Venera Maxima and Teana

5 months ago
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Beautiful blonde babe Venera Maxima hires tall, luxurious brunette Teana for an oily rub in the Massage Rooms. Venera strips nude, and lies face down on the white padded table. Teana starts to tantalize Venera by pouring oil down the crack of her back, dripping it between her thick booty cheeks. Teana worships Venera's ass and makes her moan as she slowly teases the blonde's tight pussy. Teana climbs on top of Venera and rubs her with her perky tits, then slides between her thighs to lick between her legs. The ladies taste turns fingering and licking each other, staying close together to maximize their pleasure! - ''Romantic sex after sensual massage'' #massagerooms #sexyhub

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