Mother Lexi Luna And Daughter Kali Roses Are Sharing A Guy

2 years ago
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Having caught his slutty stepmother, who he thought was a conservative and worried about sex, coming out of his girlfriend's bedroom, Kyle can't believe that Lexi would fuck his own girlfriend under his watch! After following the busty Lexi back to his dad's sleeping room after just fucking his girlfriend, Kyle decides to go and confront his stepmom in her room, but she doesn’t want his father to wake up. Luckily for him, Lexi's still fucking horny and craving some cock so she's more than happy to let her stepson pound her pussy bedside! But when Kali hears them pounding from down the hall, she wants to get in on the fun too! Can these three get each off without waking up the dad in the room? - "Separate Rooms Pt 2" #momsbangteens #realitykings

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