Massage Rooms - Little Lady Bug Seduced A Client

1 year ago
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It's an massage session when John hires Lady Bug to rub him down on the milking table. Lady Bug climbs onto the high table, then kneels on John's back, and drizzles oil across his shoulder blades. Lady Bug begins the massage with her hands, then uses her arm and elbows to dig deep and undo the knots in the muscle. Slipping off John and crawling beneath the table, Lady Bug strokes his big dick, then sucks and licks it. Lady gets back on the table and John eats her pussy and ass, then adhere his hard cock into her and fucks her doggystyle. Lady and John share an oily fuck on the massage table, then Lady hops off and milks John's big dick for a facial! - "Intimate orgasms on milking table" #massagerooms #sexyhub

Pornstars: Lady Bug
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