Massage And Oil Cherry Kiss' Jeans

3 months ago
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The sexy Cherry Kiss is just about ready for her massage with Sam Bourne, but after taking her top off and exposing her tits, she climbs onto the table with her skin-tigh zipper jeans still on. Althoug Sam is at first confused, he gets the message when Cherry lifts her ass andf shakes it for him. After covering Cherry's jeans in oil, Sam unzips them to reveal her juicy ass. With more oil applied, Sam sticks a sneak finger in Cherry's ass, and from there she takes every inch of his rock-hard cock right up her butt. It turns out that intense anal sew was what Cherry wanted all along, and keeping her jeans on was just a way to give Sam that extra bit of tease - not that he needed more encouragement to worship Cherry's perfect, round ass. - ''Massage And Oil My Jeans'' #dirtymasseur #brazzers

Pornstars: Sam Bourne Cherry Kiss
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