Lustful brunettes sultry seduction

2 months ago
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Lustful lesbian brunettes Alyssa Bounty and Sabrisse are wearing lingerie and staying warm in front of a roaring fire. Sitting back in their chairs, the babes tease each other by stroking their pussies. Sabrisse slips off her bra, then helps Alyssa slip out of hers so she can squeeze her big tits. Sabrisse kisses Alyssa's lips, then spreads her legs and licks her wet pussy. Sabrisse then sits on Alyssa's face, sliding back and forth until she cums. Finally, after some doggystyle fingering and pussy licking, the ladies lie back in each other's arms. - ''Lustful brunettes sultry seduction'' #danejones #sexyhub

Pornstars: Sabrisse
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