Kittina Clairette Walked With Guy To The Woods And Sucked His Cock

4 years ago
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You couldn't miss Kittina Clairette walking down the street because she was wearing a bright neon yellow dress. I stopped her, complimenting her dress, and asked if she knew what else was bright...a star! I told Kittina I could make her a star in the new reality series I was casting for, and all I needed was to see her perky boobs and round butt. A few hundred euros convinced her to flash me, and then for 400 more, she walked with me to the woods and sucked my cock. We were almost discovered, so I put my dick away, and we headed further into the woods so Kittina could ride my cock. I fucked her doggystyle bent over my car, then came deep inside her with a creampie! - "Bright young babe creampied outside" #publicagent #fakehub

Pornstars: Kittina Clairette
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