Kenzie Reeves Orders Him To Lick Her Tight Teen Pussy

2 years ago
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Kenzie Reeves’ grades aren’t doing so hot and there’s a good chance she’ll be losing her scholarship! Dean Kyle Mason has seen this before, hot blonde students thinking they can get away with anything. When he starts scrolling through her phone and sees pictures of Kenzie slobbering all over the football coaches’ dick, he knows he’s in trouble! Kenzie orders him to lick her tight teen pussy and promises to delete the pictures she’s taken of him if he does. With no other choice, Kyle starts tongue fucking this little slut right on his desk, grabbing a handful of her perky boobs as he does! Dropping to her knees, Kenzie goes for an A+ with a sloppy deepthroat, getting nice and wet for a rough cunt pounding! Taking a creamy load all over her tits, Kenzie knows she’s acing this class! - "Selfies With The Dean" #teenslikeitbig #brazzers

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