Jump scare tease and make up sex with Lena Love, Zaawaadi

1 year ago
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Lena Love and Zaawaadi are watching a scary movie for Halloween when the latter excuses herself from the room. As Lena munches on the popcorn, Zaawaadi puts on a creepy clown mask and sneaks up behind her. Zaawaadi scares her blonde lover, but fear quickly turns to pleasure as they start to smooch. Zaawaadi sucks Lena's big tits, then lies her back and strips off her panties to eat her pussy. After she cums, Lena turns Zaawaadi around and worships her big booty, then eats her pussy from behind. Zaawaadi gets on the floor and lies on her back so Lena can swing her legs and ride her face, and then when she cums, falls into 69! - ''Jump scare tease and make up sex'' #momxxx #sexyhub

Pornstars: Lena Love
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